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Leigh teaches with a strong understanding and passion for multiple lineages with over 20 years of experience. She is known for her ability to teach all levels, drawing from a discipline of Ashtanga, the spirituality of Kundalini yoga and meditation, and the dynamic creativity of vinyasa flow. In each class you sense the nurturing, yet challenging approach she organically brings to the moment. Leigh creates and holds a safe space for you to be yourself and expand your consciousness. It is important to her that she shares the tools that help you live life at a higher vibration with less ...See All


Bachelor of Science UGA
ERYT Yoga Alliance
KRI Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Level 1
KRI Kundalini Yoga Conscious Communication Level 2
KRI Kundalini Yoga Mind & Meditation Level 2
Ashtanga Yoga Certification

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This will be a powerful class for strengthening your magnetic field while also working with pranayama to renew your nervous system. The final work in the class will clear the lymph glands in the upper chest and creating balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. We will work with the mantra "Hariang" which means "Shiva, Destroyer oof Evil" it is a powerful mantra which brings wealth and intuitive opportunity.
Leigh will tune you in with the Adi Mantra, bowing to your highest wisdom, as she leads you through chakra clearing warm ups before jumping right into a meditation to conquer inner anger and burn it out. These times are very challenging on so many levels and we are responsible for maintaining our own health and wellness, both physically and mentally. These meditations and kriyas are designed for just that! Using a physical kriya we will naturally adjust the body and work with a meditation to surround yourself with protection. Using the power of sound current and your pranas we will invoke a projective and protective power.
This is a class loaded with support of the chaos that we are all experiencing. Leigh will warm you up and work with Mantra to fight burn-out and then move into a vigorous set of exercises to build strength. The class will finish with a 9 minute meditation Commanding the Command Center of the Glandular System. We are in the great transition of the Age. Its turbulence will make the old ways of coping ineffective. This set finds the center of the hurricane, the calmness that gives clarity and confidence in the midst of chaos. Sat Nam!
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