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Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and spiritual healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico and internationally by phone. Her specialties are clairvoyant reading, divination, mediumship, and energy healing. With decades of professional experience, Elissa’s methods bring relief to her clients through the combination of accurate psychic insights, energy release work and spiritual healing, and counseling. Counseling includes guiding the client to quickly connect with their own intuition and its wisdom. Elissa is an expert with divination systems, and known for accurate and specific tarot readings.

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College: B.A. in “Communication Theory with an Emphasis on the Limits of Language”, an independent major from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Elissa’s metaphysical education in energy healing, channeling, and divination began at nineteen, with metaphysical teacher and trance medium Eric Teissedre. Throughout her mentorship and career, she has traveled nationally and internationally for further education, to train with experts in shamanism, mediumship, and spiritual healing. Andean mystic Juan Nunez del Prado of Peru is another significant teacher of divination and shamanism.

Experience and Distinctions

The experience of being the student and apprentice of an expert in divination, spiritual healing, and mediumship is the formative influence in Elissa’s counseling work. One unique feature of the weekly classes she attended for years is the their séance with Eric’s teaching and healing spirit guides. This classic metaphysical education provided the knowledge and tools to develop her unique style and divination systems. The more traditional training and experience Elissa also received under the supervision of clinical psychologists, enabled Elissa to combine counseling with clairvoyance and divination.

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Spring’s natural cycle of refreshing our spirit is tinged this year by Pluto going retrograde, meaning the force is with us to shed the outdated and unserviceable and reach high for our personal goals. A very big re-set can occur if we allow it! Other planetary forces combine to message us: “Aim high, operate more freely, and surrender to deeper change and bigger dreams.” In this experiential class, we’ll discuss the opportunity the last few days of April present, and you’ll be guided through a new meditation to help reach goals and get messages about your own well-being. Live psychic and tarot reading at the end of class for questions about letting go or reaching personal goals.
This is worth discussing, brought up by Sunita in the last class, because a lot of people wonder it.” How do I really know it’s my intuition talking back when I try to summon it at will? What if it’s just my imagination making up what I want to hear?” We’ll also discuss the role of relevance, harmonics, and magnetism in accessing intuition. And from a lot of practice, how I’ve noticed the intuition functions and its role, and what it takes to no longer have that question about the inner voice. Something I learned from the last class and feedback - it is a great side benefit of LearnItLive to get feedback from learners - leads me to update the processes I use online, so I might try some new intuition--accessing protocols. We should get some earthy answers if people have questions... the Sun goes into Taurus today! Live clairvoyant and tarot at the end.
It's practical to have a working relationship with all your senses when it comes to making personal choices. Your intuition is willing to be very specific and detailed about decisions that have consequence, if you learn its language. Establishing the "yes" and "no" of your own intuition is the aim of this class, and understanding what in you and what part of you is making the decision.
On March 20th Spring’s creative spark officially ignites, and on March 26th, Venus conjuncts the Sun. Their beneficial union breathes life into our desires for peace and love… awakening in us new values and motivations. We’ll discuss what’s new within us to meet the challenges of the times. Venus also rules money, and we’ll consult the spirits and the tarot (and your own intuition!) about getting ahead this Spring. Live tarot at the end of class, bring your questions!
Elissa Heyman
Spirituality > Other
Recorded: Mar 15, 2021 at 08:40 pm EDT
In the last class, it ended with a drawing exercise about channeling, and whatever it was that participants drew, it was a symbol system they invented on the spot, and one that can be read just like tarot cards. (anyone who did the exercise and wants to put them on the white board to share, I'll demonstrate reading your "symbol system created with purpose.") The reason for exercises to express our imagination in different mediums, is to loosen up what we think of as the limits of how we can communicate, and what we can receive. We will discuss the set-up for communing with the spiritual world, and an exercise around doing that at home. Mercury goes into Pisces today, a good time for psychic development - a good placement for the mind to connect to deeper levels of awareness..
Today’s optimistic grand trine in Earth signs ends a very energetic, provocative month, when seven planets were in mentally active Aquarius. Mercury was retrograde, Saturn and Uranus squared each other, and many communication snafus had to be addressed. The grand trine suggests that the most important factor in weathering it all, is your relationship with yourself. The planets point to what, specifically, is good to do now that will build self-confidence and create success that’s fulfilling. I’ll tune in to the class, discuss the stars, and lead you through a guided blessing meditation. If people have a specific question about moving themselves or their relationship forward, I’ll do psychic/tarot readings.
This class discusses the basics of channeling , and channeling do's and don'ts for getting in touch with spiritual guidance and healing energy. It includes exercises to try (I'll guide you through them), and an explanation of losing connection with your own spiritual guidance, and how to get it back, and grow into a more trusting relationship with your intuition. There will be discussion but we will also practice channeling and mediumship development techniques.
In most psychic counseling sessions, clients ask about their relationships. In good times and in bad, the status and quality of peoples’ personal relationships, or lack thereof, are of paramount concern. People have questions maintaining good ties with their partners, colleagues and bosses, their family and friends, their pets, and their own selves. What can the tarot do to help them? The tarot can suggest specific ways to improve communication, make partnerships more fruitful, or how to attract more love into one’s life and explain why someone might be alone at a particular time. New inspiration, deeper understanding, appreciation for the limits and potential of a relationship, and a map towards greater fulfillment, are what to expect in a tarot reading. Bring your personal questions if you’d like a live tarot reading!
An oral version of Elissa’s long-running monthly psychic newsletter, with messages from the stars, and spiritual guidance about navigating the weeks ahead. Also, new moon horoscopes for the fire, water, air, and earth signs, a little work-out for your own intuition via a short guided meditation, and live psychic readings. Bring your questions!
Elissa Heyman
Recorded: Jan 14, 2021 at 09:00 pm EDT
The class begins with a few minutes of relaxation and inspiration, a Soothing Story that’s an enlightening parable about navigating 2021. Spiritual messages the class attracted (gathered before class) will be offered to the group. We'll discuss 2021 psychic predictions and how to work with its forces, and work with yourself, when it comes to reaching your goals. Then, a psychic message circle for you to ask questions and get a psychic answer - you can ask verbally or in the public chat, any question on your mind about achieving your goals in the year ahead. Now it’s your turn! I’ll lead a guided meditation to help you tune in to the messages your intuition wants to give you. An exercise for you to do between sessions that demonstrates the metaphysical principle: Ask and Ye Shall Receive.
Elissa Heyman
Spirituality > Other
Recorded: Dec 15, 2020 at 10:00 pm EDT
A bedtime healing story, a guided meditation for calming and balancing your body's energy, plus ways to raise your positive energy before bed, and encourage psychic dreams.
Live psychic and tarot readings on your personal questions about this month's challenges, or if you are a tarot fan, how to use your own tarot cards to help you meet challenges. Psychic horoscopes and messages from the stars for December 2020, and a guided meditation to get in touch with your own intuition.
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