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Transformation Guide| Gong Sound Journey Facilitator| Light Language Channel| Best-selling Author

Maya began her own personal journey of transformation twenty years ago. Through the process of self-love, an awakening of an inner knowing revealed lifetimes of soul memory and a passion for her life's purpose as an Alchemist of Light and Sound. Her mission is focused on opening the heart and mind of humanity through Sound and Light Codes, by using frequencies to change each listener's brainwave state, which touches the deepest parts of each individual's being, and assists with overcoming long held resistances.

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As a society we have learned to be many things to many people for many reasons. This can create a mis-understanding of our true self identity, the essence of who we really are. When our life is then changed by any number of things such as loss of job, aging, loss of loved ones, divorce, chronic illness, trauma, etc., that identity is most times challenged as well. We can feel lost, out of control, terrified of the changes that are likely to result, and stuck in self defeating patterns. Our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual identities are all called into question. Therefore the courage to move forward into discovery of a different identity can be more painful than the comfort of staying where we are. Travel now with us on a journey to rediscover and reconnect to true self. Your True Self.
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A run through so that everyone is comfortable.
We are all going through some massive changes both individually and as a collective in 2020. The speed of these changes can often leave us feeling uncomfortable. The time has come to create changes within yourself, changing old thought patterns and outdated behaviours which will enable you to bring your life back into balance. ​​​Today can be the start of something different! I will speak about practical, everyday things you can do for yourself, that will begin to create the necessary changes within you, which will allow your life to flow with these new energies and prepare you for the massive year of 2021!
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Maya Boston
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Nov 16, 2020 at 10:00 pm EDT
As our planet has shifted into a new energy now, our old habits will no longer serve us. The more resistance we have to changing ourselves, the more difficult our life will become, as we are no longer in the flow of the changes that have occurred at this time. Our inner work is more important than ever, to ensure the flow of our lives proceeds with grace and ease. Join Maya for this online class to connect with your ability to adapt and change, to teach you everyday tools for your own personalised use and receive practical advice to assist you in this process. The topics that will be discussed are: - In the now moment - Investing in positive circumstances for yourself - Learn not to react - Multi-tasking is not the answer sometimes - Personal Values - Building a better character Before we move into a new level of Unity consciousness in 2021, we are still moving through an extremely challenging phase of our spiritual ascension that has brought much of the darkness into the Light to be seen, acknowledged and transmuted. It is from this point we are called to face our deepest fears, overcome the issues they create and rise up again into a new existence. In becoming a better version of ourselves, we then can give the best of ourselves in service to others around us, and to our community.
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