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The Global Center of Compassion serves to provide Master Relationship Coaches and Experts a platform to share their gifts with the world in an interactive, personal and heartfelt way. We do this by creating "Centers of Activity" through our web portal, video and teleseminars, online courses, in-person workshops and by offering resources such as books, DVDs, worksheets and private coaching sessions.


The mission of Global Center of Compassion is to transform lives by teaching individuals how to revolutionize their relationships by living authentically and shifting into their hearts—the real "Center of Compassion."

GCC aims to reach people around the world in a heartfelt and meaningful way with the ultimate vision of "One Global Heart" connected through compassion.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey of personal and global transformation!

Experience and Distinctions

Featuring top relationship coaches, counselors and teachers from the San Francisco Bay area.

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