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Time Zone
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Guided Meditation - 3/24/20 @ 8am
Sleep - 3/24/20
Guided Meditation - 3/25/20 @ 8am
Chair Yoga - 3/25/20 - 11am
Growing in Self-Compassion - 3/26/20
The Power of Positivity - 3/26/20
Creativity - 3/27/20
Guided Meditation - 3/30/20 @ 8am
Guided Meditation - 3/31/20 @ noon
Chair Yoga - 3/31/20 - 11:30am
Mindfulness for the Workplace - 3/24-4/7 @ 12:30pm
Guided Meditation - 4/1/20 @ 8am
Guided Meditation Tuesdays - 4/7/20-5/5/20 @ 8am
Finding Joy in Movement - 4/7/20
Stress Management Tools - 4/9/20
Making it Stick - 4/10 - 12pm
Myth Busters - 4/13/20
Power of Positivity - 4/14/20 @ noon
Diet Approaches - 4/15/20
Mindfulness for the Workplace - 4/14-4/28 - 4pm
Chair Yoga - 4/20/20-10/12/20 - 8:00am
Healthy Boundaries - 4/20/20
Time Management Strategies - 4/21/20
Mindfulness for the Workplace - 5/4-5/18 - 4pm
Anxiety - 5/5/20
Diet Approaches - 9/22/20
Happiness Boosters - 5/19/20
Chair Yoga - 5/6/20-10/26/20 - noon
How to Stay Fit When You Sit - 5/26/20
Mat Yoga - 5/27-10/13 7am
More than a Job: Vocation and our Relationship Work - 5/28/20
Declutter Your Brain - 6/2/20
Healthy Aging - 6/8/20
Mat Yoga - 2/3-5/5 4pm
Creating Joy Through Humor and Laughter - 6/12/20
Emotional Awareness - 6/15
Intro to Mindfulness - 6/23/20
Exercise Dance Party Fitness Class with Diane
Anxiety - 7/17
Group Strength Trianing Fitness Class with Diane
Guided Meditation - 4/6-9/29 - 3:30pm
Resilient Caregiving and Leadership - 7/23/20
Mindful Eating - 7/27
Sleep 1/25/21-2/8/21
Self Compassion 1/26/2021-2/9/2021
Boundaries 1/27/2021-2/10/2021
Happiness 1/27/2021-2/10/2021
Mat Yoga - 2/3-5/5 4pm
Mat Yoga - 2/3-5/5 4pm
Mat Yoga - 2/3-5/5 4pm
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Tabatha Koylass
Health & Wellness
Start: Apr 23, 2021 at 09:30 am EDT
Join Tabatha for this end of the week Pilates Mat workout that flows from beginning to end as you close out your week! All levels welcome, on or off screen, bring props (magic circle, towel, yoga block, some, all or none)
Disease is not spontaneously procured; it is always produced. It is acquired by a lifestyle that is not aligned with the laws of nature. Food is the source of life. Digestion is the root of all health. However, where, when and how one eats is just as important as what one eats. The quality of digestion is related to what is going on in the mind, in the body, in our environment and in our emotions. The wisdom of circadian rhythm medicine, as seen through the eyes of the Veda, is a game changer. These rhythmic patterns subtly switch every two hours within the 24-hour cycle. Living according to these principles and patterns can help us to know favorable and unfavorable times for optimal digestion, exercise, sleep, intercourse, waking, meditation, studying and work. Karyn will provide practical pearls of wisdom for improving digestion, reducing stress, boosting immunity, losing weight, and living happily and harmoniously with the rhythms of nature using the brilliance of a time-proven, evidence-based medical system called Ayurveda, aka, the science of longevity.
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Andrea Beaman
Health & Wellness
Start: May 14, 2021 at 12:00 pm EDT
Is your diet and lifestyle getting in the way of your goals? Let's chat! Join me in an interactive forum to ask questions about specific foods and herbal supplements that you currently use or are thinking about using. Learn my expert suggestions on what to consider integrating into your life for 2021. This will be an amazing community session where you will not just learn from me but from everyone participating live! Get direct access to learning the diet and lifestyle adjustments to live your best life and achieve vibrant health and wellness in 2021.
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Katie Bressack is an award winning health coach who specializes in women's hormonal health. With Katie's support, the women she counsels prepare their bodies for pregnancy, increase energy levels, get their periods back and on track, lose weight, eat healthier and maintain a balanced mood. Katie runs a successful 1-on-1 coaching business and has group programs that have helped hundreds of women support their health and hormones. Katie believes every woman can feel healthy and vibrant by making the best nutritional and lifestyle changes that support their body in the best way possible. Sign up for Katie's Balance Your Hormones Guide, 5 Easy Steps To Gain Energy, Lose Weight and Reduce Sugar Cravings For Good.[ http://katiebressack.com/freegift/] Come hang out with Katie in her Happy Healthy Hormones group,[ https://www.facebook.com/groups/thriveinyourbody] or connect via her blog [http://katiebressack.com/blog/], Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/katiebressack/] or Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/BalancedBeings] Katie lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dog, Piper. When Katie is not health coaching, you can find her on her yoga mat, watching movies, walking on the beach, hiking and spending time with friends. You can learn more about Katie here www.katiebressack.com and feel inspired to live a healthier life by following her on Instagram @katiebressack
My earliest and fondest childhood memories center on my relationship with animals, particularly horses. In 2004, I transitioned from a corporate career into a profession that would enable me to re-connect more closely with these powerfully sentient and wise beings. Establishing Michigan Equine Therapy enabled me to work daily with the animals I love, providing therapeutic massage and energy healing techniques to improve the quality of horses' lives. Complementary care; such as bodywork and Reiki, offers tremendous opportunity for healing and growth for animals just as it does for humans. My experiences working with horses proved to me that we have much to learn from the animals. This led me into the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Helping humans improve their lives through an authentic connection with the horses has become my life's work. I now work as a practitioner, teacher and facilitator. I am a passionate advocate for the healing power of the horse, and the possibilities this represents for all of us on an individual, societal and species level. I am thrilled to be working with and for the animals, and teaching others how to do the same. Medicine Pony is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on the planet by helping people become more authentic versions of themselves. We believe re-connecting with nature and our fellow species is the first step in fully understanding our true nature and regaining clarity around our identity and purpose. This personal awareness creates clarity that allows us to live more fully being present and making mindful decisions that are fully congruent with our hearts desire and our soul's purpose. Our connection to nature and animals allows us to rediscover our self-awareness and intuition. We gain clarity. Energy work and mediation enable us to enhance our connection to life force energy or Spirit so that we can mindfully heal and grow personally and share that experience with the world around us. By combining the best traditions of mind-body-spirit practice, this work provides an incredibly powerful platform for personal healing, growth and transformation. I offer a number of classes and workshops that delve into awakening to our true selves through connection with Nature and the animal kingdom and improving the quality of our lives through natural self-care practices that address mind-body-spirit in a natural and holistic manner.
Evita Ochel is the author of the book "Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition" and a researcher, writer, speaker, visionary, and entrepreneur in the fields of science, spirituality, holistic health, plant-based nutrition, and sustainable living. She is a teacher with 20 years of experience, and also the creator of several online publications - EvolvingBeings.com and EvolvingWellness.com, and the founder of Healthytarian.com - a lifestyle based on Fresh Thinking, Smart Eating and Mindful Living. Her teaching and writing work in the health and nutrition field focuses on natural, wholesome, plant-based, vegan, and organic nutrition to enjoy optimal health and longevity. Her spirituality-oriented teaching focuses on consciousness expansion and heart-centered living for most joy, satisfaction, and inner peace. To learn more about her work, visit www.EvitaOchel.com
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