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Jessica Briggs
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jun 30, 2022 at 02:00 pm EDT
I am so excited for this circle! We'll tune into the innocence within and around us, and hold space for those aspects to be wild and free. We'll remember what it's like to speak before we were taught to be so polite. We'll decondition what's ready to be let go of. We'll send healing to all the innocent ones. To prepare, please have a quiet place with room to lay down, and a journal and pen if you like to write. I'm here if you have questions in the meantime. Xo, Jess IG: instagram.com/lovejessbriggs Website: jessicabriggs.me *Photo by Joice Kelly on Unsplash
How to use intuition and divination to choose effective medication. We will discuss how to develop a deep relationship with your herbal medicine before you even imbibe it.
In this meditation, we will explore the following: - speaking our truth with love - authentic expression of our unique gifts and talents - authentic expression of our joy - compassionate communication Please join if you're looking for more depth or clarity on relating with others or expressing yourself.
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Jessica is a beloved intuitive reader and healer. She holds space for pain to transform into your greatest gifts and freedom. She meets her clients where they are, and helps them to realize their fullest expression in this lifetime. As a child, she was "tapped in" spiritually while also having a talent for academics and friendships. She partied her way through high school and hunkered down in college to study Math at UCLA. After college, she deepened her spiritual practices, studied education, psychology and business. She's a nature enthusiast having backpacked the Pacific Crest Trail and offers Spiritual Backpacking Trips, weather permitting. She eventually gave her sacred "yes" to being a Reader and Healer after resisting it for years! Her mission in this lifetime is to clear the path for community, family and spirituality, with a special emphasis on serving kids.
Lexie’s passion for crystals dates to her childhood but blossomed into a healthful relationship during her transition out of corporate marketing and into an energy-centric entrepreneurial pursuit. She opened her online crystal boutique, Illuminated Living, in 2019 and has expanded her service to humanity through crystalline DNA activation, crystal energy healings, and touch. She's honored and excited to have joined the Center for Love and Light as an instructor and practitioner in 2021. ‘Calm and soothing’ is how Lexie’s energetic impression is commonly described. She has the gift of holding space for others to feel safe, nurtured, and reminded of the power they already hold within. Her calming essences illuminates the ease in which spiritual growth and mastery can be attained, and how crystals can be used to support this journey. Beautiful Danville, California is where Lexie thrives with her husband and two little boys. She is a mentee of Maria Haswell and a down-to-earth mother on the journey to being the conscious parent that’s being asked for in the new earth.
Lauren Ivy is the founder of Open to Alchemy. She is a trained Human Design Reader & Guide, Reiki 2 Practitioner, Compassionate Integrity Facilitator and Certified Health & Wellness Coach. A life-long spiritual seeker, she loves learning and sharing tools and modalities that encourage authenticity, self-compassion and alignment. Her passion is in helping women learn more about themselves so they can gain the clarity and confidence they need to create a life of intention, meaning, connection and fulfillment. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children.
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