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Join us for some discussion, centered and themed on a book, as a resource for reference. Our book for July will be How to read and see your aura by Ted Andrews. There is no need to read the book. It is simply a reference for those who are interested to look at either before or after our conversation. This discussion will be led by JBT2Y Community Director Tatiana Johnson. JBT2Y was founded by Helen Vonderheide and is committed to restoring the soul-level truth within each living being. Our purpose-led community exists to share the illuminating power of the Akashic Records. We are driven by those who are called to know their soul and aim to provide transformation and expansion within their lives. We tap into the Akashic Records as a resource for those striving to reach personal excellence. All are welcome. I hope you can join us!
We often ignore the lower vibrational beings even though we are sensitive. Is this fear of the unknown? Or feeling too tired to set our boundaries? It is time to learn how to negotiate with spirits and gain your power back! In this class, you will learn how to identify what a lower entity feels like vs. being physically tired. Students will also learn how to maintain energetic boundaries while finding the needs of the unsettled spirits.
Jamie Butler
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Recorded: Jul 16, 2021 at 12:00 pm EDT
This group is for anyone who is practicing channeling to any degree from automatic writing to full-body incorporated trance channeling. You can be at the beginning of your practice or well into it. I will offer a short lesson on holding space for clients and will be focused on channeling techniques, modalities, or new information discovered about channeling. Then I will open it up for shares, stories, and insights. I enjoy how we all learn from each other and how we each have our own special way of connecting to spirit. We are all teachers!
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I am a Spiritual Translator, Medium, author, artist and teacher of metaphysics. My goal is to explore as much of the unknown as possible and share that information with whoever wants to hear it. I have been working in this field for over 3 years now and my spiritual gifts just keep growing. I especially like to work with energy and how to deal with energy as well as I have a show on YouTube channeling from spirit world many historical figures from the very ancient to the recent to alien contact. I aim to help others contact the spirit world and heal themselves along the way thereby opening the door to a great spiritual life.
Hey guys my name is Emanuelle McIntosh. I am a Intuitive Medium, a Spiritual/ life Coach and a meditation teacher here in Belgium. Together wth my husband we run the Sakyamuni spiritual center in Heule, Belgium. We thoroughly enjoy helping, guiding and sharing our abilities and perspectives with others to foster growth and personal development for everyone.
Jamie Butler is a natural born Medium, Wholeness Expert, and Media-Personality working internationally for 30 years. Her life goal is to teach people of all ages about the infinite possibilities for healing, joy and success available to us when wholeness living is incorporated into our daily lives. She does this by sharing her deep knowledge of subtle light energy. Jamie has created short deep dive spiritual classes for her followers, nicknamed the Luminaires, to encourage truths through humor while letting go of learned behavior. As Jamie says, "It's not Woo Woo, It's True True" She is the author of With Love and Light: A True Story About an Uncommon Gift, founder of The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta, GA and co-founder of a nonprofit: The Love & Light Institute connecting the mind, body, emotion and soul to cultivate the potential from within. Jamie also hosts The Lighter Side Show and podcast.
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