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Fri Apr 17 at 02:55 am EDT
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- basic inmune system concepts
- the importance of the good gut health to mantain a strong inmune system
- how stress affects the inmune system
- Benefits of a detox program and the process of autophay could help to your inmune system
- recomendations on diet, lifestyle, easy recipes, suplement protocols
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    Fri Apr 17 at 02:55 am EDT
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Fri Apr 17 at 02:15 am EDT
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Welcome, let me introduce myself, I am Laura Llacuna, Biologist, Ph.D. in Biomedicine, Health Coach and Psiconeuroimmunologist. I am passionate about life, discovering the world, healthy foods, nature, and dance. I work on Integrative Medicine, offering a holistic vision about human health and helping patients that come to my consult disoriented and looking for alternatives to conventional medicine. I help them to establish the changes that they need to achieve their objectives and get better health and happiness. My goal is to connect with people, give them opportunities to new solutions and a healthy lifestyle. It is basic to be conscious about the needs of every single person because everyone is unique and different and that is why I offer a comfortable environment where the bio-individuality and the passion of everyone is important in order to choose the correct foods and decide the treatments to follow. Trust your intuition and do not regret at what makes you feel alive! Bienvenido/Bienvenida, deja que me presente, soy Laura Llacuna, licenciada en Biologia, doctorada en Biomedicina, Coach en Salud y Psiconeuroinmunologa. Me apasiona estudiar la vida, descubrir mundo, los buenos alimentos, la naturaleza y el baile. Trabajo en el ámbito de la Salud Integrativa, ofreciendo una visi�³n holística sobre la salud humana y ayudando a los pacientes que viene a consulta desorientados y que buscan alternativas a la medicina convencional. Les ayudo a establecer los cambios necesarios y sostenibles para conseguir sus objetivos y mejorar su salud y felicidad. Mi vocación es conectar con las personas, abrir puertas a nuevas soluciones y a un estilo de vida saludable. Es básico ser conscientes de cuales son las necesidades de cada uno ya que cada persona es diferente y por eso ofrezco un clima de confianza donde la bioindividualidad y la pasi�³n de cada uno es importante a la hora de escoger los alimentos y tratamientos a seguir. Sigue tu intuición y no renuncies a lo que te hace sentir vivo!