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Sat Aug 8 at 01:15 pm EDT
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This 45 minute class will play with bodyweight movements that both strengthen, stabilize, and create mobility throughout the body. You will feel more in touch with your body and how it moves. You will also feel a general overall sense of awareness and strength.
Must be able to get up and down from the floor comfortably.
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You will need a small ball, a surface you are comfortable lying down on, a yoga block or book, and a wash cloth.
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    Sat Aug 8 at 01:15 pm EDT
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Bodyweight Strength and Mobility
45 Minute Session
Sat Aug 8 at 12:30 pm EDT
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I am a movement educator and author, with a special interest in teaching people who to reconnect with their physical selves through awareness, mobility, and strength. I work with clients both online and in person, using a variety of techniques, including somatic awareness, mobility work, primal movement patterns, and bodyweight/strength based work. I teach workshops on movement, integration, and mindfulness. I hold a B.S. in exercise physiology, a M.S. in human movement, and multiple certifications. I am also the author of two books, the first of which, "Body, Mind, Movement" will be released in the US in July of 2020.
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