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Sun Nov 15 at 02:00 pm EST
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Learn to manage your emotions in a skillful way as you bring your life into alignment with your greater purpose.
1.Body Sensations & Emotions - Learn how your emotions work in your body at a physical level. Learn the difference between feeling and emotion. Learn to dissolve emotions by using your witness capacity.
2. Triggers - Learn how to observe rather than to react to daily triggers. Triggers are simply involuntary body sensations. You will no longer be at the mercy of your triggers.
3. Unwinding Emotions - What are your triggers really all about? They almost ...See All
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    Sun Nov 15 at 02:00 pm EST
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Introduction to Emotional Integration Training
60 Minute Session
Sun Nov 15 at 01:00 pm EST
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I'm an Addiction Recovery Counselor and serve as Clinical Director at a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. This is where I created my Emotional Integration Training as a method of recovery for clients. The SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) working definition of recovery is: a process of change where individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and strive to reach their full potential. "Recovery" is for everyone. And at its heart, what I am actually recovering is my true Self. I work with individuals using a Collaborative Conversation Model which organically holds a space for you to access your own resources and strengths. My extensive 30+ years' of experience with addiction recovery, spiritual cultivation and integration allows me to be comfortable working with anyone from any background. I've adopted the following quote from Ita Ford - a Maryknoll Sister who was murdered in El Salvador in 1980 - as my personal mission statement and it reflects the way I will work with you, as I don't have answers, only questions, and experience with looking: Can I say to my neighbor: I have no solution for this situation, I have no answers, but I want to go with you and look for them with you? Can I allow myself to be evangelized by this opportunity? Am I able to see my own poverty and accept what I learn from others?