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This is a study session for those that are working with The Code Journey by either book, through my social media posts, and through the Personal Year In Codes report. It is an opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about how to work with the current codes in order to create a stronger awareness in the human consciousness of how to work in alignment with the soul self.
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Meet Dave Chesson, creator of Publisher Rocket — the original Kindlepreneur. Dave says: When I’m not lightsaber dueling with little Jedi, or sipping tea with princesses, I’m testing new book marketing tactics, and helping authors improve their book sales. I'm also the creator of Publisher Rocket, a software that helps authors see what's really going on in the Kindle marketing, and thus pick better keywords and categories to help them sell more books. I’ve worked with multiple New York Times bestselling authors like Ted Dekker and marketing team behind L.Ron Hubbard, as well as top writers like Pat Flynn and Jeff Goins. To help all writers learn the art of book marketing, I created Kindlepreneur as a free source for authors with the sole goal of giving you everything you need to take action, and see results. ___________________________ Join us for the December Author's Corner podcast to meet Dave, learn more about his author journey, and the indispensable author tool, Publisher Rocket.
Wednesday, Dec. 2 6 pm PST 9 pm EST 30 mins then Q&A with Bruce Dickson, M.A., M.S.S., author, Health Intuitive A video magazine orientation to Habit Body 10-15 slides A habit is one or more learned behaviors, conditioned to repeat. Habits are also reactivity conditioned to repeat, stored so they can be played back more automatically, with less conscious effort, than focusing to make a deliberate choice. We have many habits, both conscious and unconscious. We have so many–categories help: Physical habits, Imaginal habits, Emotional habits, Mental habits, and Mythological habits. Convenient to talk about the sum of all these as a Habit Body. Sound like a lot to manage? Our Habit Body manages these automatically for Conscious Waking Self. Our Habit Body is our nearest and dearest friend. It records and remembers daily routines for us, so we don’t have to re-learn the same behaviors every day anew. Our job as Conscious Wakeful Self? You and I, we’re the Habit Sequencers, the Behavior Schedulers, the Habit Managers and Superintendent of Behaviors. We manage-edit-revise-upgrade the habits our Habit Body readies to play back moment to moment. PRESENTER: Bruce Dickson is an author (22+ self-publications), Health Intuitive and Food Bank volunteer. Before this I taught special needs kids, taught K-12 using Waldorf-methods wherever possible. I have lived in seven intentional communities and visited several more. Questions? [email protected]
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Wanda will provide an outline of The Gene Keys approach. Embrace Your Higher Purpose. The Gene Keys offer practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. It is an approach using a combination of IChing and Astrology. It looks at different states of consciousness, the Shadow, the Gift and the Siddhi.
Please have pen and paper available for yourself. YOU are the greatest mystery worth solving. How to address and modify your good habits to increase and your unwanted habits to diminish is what we are up to. Experiential and hands-on. This course moves back and forth between practical tracking examples and the context you need to do your own tracking experiments. Everyone is more likely to accomplish targets they track on a schedule. Why wouldn't you want to track your success and give yourself credit for every baby-step towards your goal? You don't have to track every day. You don't have to track in a notebook or journal. More flexible ways exist. You can track on digital apps but another way is easier and less typing and editing. Health Intuitive Bruce Dickson has been doing tracking most days since 1998. His Habit Body book is in its second edition. Personal Habit Tracking is NOT self-testing (muscle-testing). Tracking is easier than self-testing. If you can self-test, tracking is easier.
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This month we're going to delve into your book's metadata and why it's vitally important to get it right. Metadata is more than just keywords. There's a surprising number of ways you can boost your ranking with careful planning. Even if your book is already published, there are some little-known tweaks of which you the savvy author can take advantage. You'll want to catch this one live or replay ASAP because we have a special guest coming in December who's going to build upon what you've just learned to blast your book marketing right out of the stratosphere.
Emotions are strange things that most of us don't really understand too well. Even science struggles to fully understand emotions, since in some ways they seem to originate in the brain, but they manifest significantly in the body. One thing is sure: emotions can have a major impact in our lives, especially if we fail to channel their considerable energy in appropriate directions. Western society has long tried to get people to feel less and to reason more, under the belief that this approach leads to progress. But it seems fair to say that people who think without experiencing and expressing their emotions contribute to a lot of ideas that do not serve humanity very well. So, we are left to wonder if there is a solution! Thankfully, we have people like Ilene Dillon, a highly trained psychotherapist with a lot of experience helping people (including herself) to deal with challenging emotions, to bring some wisdom to this conversation. And I have invited her back to Life Mastery TV so share some of this wisdom, specifically in the area of emotional mastery. Here are some of the topics we will cover during our conversation: * What are Emotions For? * The World as a Giant School * The Emotion Ownership Paradox * Where to Focus Attention Please come join us for the live presentation and help us increase the population of Emotional Masters in the world!
My Crystal Blue Sapphire Meditation online workshop consists of three parts: 1. The story of how the meditation was channeled to me. 2. "Write The Five" ─ symbolic writing of names to initiate the following exercise. 3. A "discover the source" labyrinth walk with the printed or online sources of labyrinth images devoted to finding the chakra center most affected by the name or names in "Write The Five" Some of the benefits of the workshop are: - Relief from victim consciousness - Acceptance consciousness rather than surrendering to unfulfilled hopes - Healing initiated by connecting to a higher soul signature within yourself - The ability to find your voice again
What in the world is Radionics? If you have not heard of this great tool for wellness, join Wanda as she outlines what Radionics is and describes the numerous uses. Each boost can be customized. Some of the many benefits could include improved energy, strengthened immune system, better physical health, enhanced goal achievement and releasing of limiting beliefs. What are you working on in your life?
The Art of the Shadow Dance: The Transmutation of Trauma, Fear and Limiting Beliefs and the Awakening of our Infinite Potential. In this class we will explore a holistic approach towards self healing mentally physically and spiritually by dissolving limiting belief patterns and clearing and purifying the energy systems of the body.
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A Master Class with Brian Meeks, multi-best-selling author and highly respected guru to the author community. Being a self-confessed data junkie, Brian has researched and analyzed creating profitable Amazon Ads to the nth degree. Today he earns a comfortable living as a full-time author and teacher. Not content with conquering ads, Brian turned his attention to the art form of crafting highly-converting book descriptions. Did I mention he also writes novels? Seriously, you're going to love meeting Brian. Bring your questions and let's have a fabulous master class! If you want to check out Brian's books before class you'll find them here: Ads: Descriptions:
This month is all about Amazon ads. We'll go through how to set your ads up as well as strategies for maximizing results. This class is the precursor to Brian Meeks' visit to BLC. Brian's the master of Amazon Ads, and has agreed to join us October 16 to share his wisdom and expertise. You won't want to miss either of these chock full of goodness classes.
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