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If you've been looking for people to practice on, join us! The best way to hone your tarot skills is to practice; and practice time with strangers is really valuable. During class, you'll give and get a reading. Depending on how the readings go, you may be able to practice multiple times. Don't sit, waiting for people to ask for readings so you can gain experience. Register for class and practice with us!
Do you feel led to facilitate Akashic Records readings for others? Then this class is for you. We will discuss practical concerns, such as how to best prepare to activate your practice, and dig into core concepts that illuminate the qualities and benefits of working in the Akashic Records on behalf of a client. In three sessions, taught by Elite Certified Teacher Patty Collinsworth, we will cover: - The Power Protocol (by Dr. Linda Howe): the story, the causes and conditions, and the soul-level truth from the perspective of the reader - Hands-on exercises to strengthen and deepen your connection and understanding of the Akashic perspective -Tips for facilitating the reading including how to more adeptly uncover insights, navigate difficult life circumstances experienced by your clients and offer insights without promising predictions -Discussion of essential considerations, such as best practices in structuring your offering and preparing your clients
Join us for a night of peaceful meditation that'll take you deeper into your being. I'll help you find your personal primordial sound to use as your mantra during meditation. This is based on Deepak Chopra's primordial sound meditation. Breathe, and give yourself the gift of peace.
Does learning tarot seem overwhelming with all the suits and different elements? It doesn't have to be. I'll walk you through a way in which it'll make the cards much easier to understand. It's a great way to build a deeper relationship with your cards, too. We'll break down the basic elements of tarot: minor acana, major acana, suits, numbers, etc. I'll be using the Rider-Waite deck for instruction but you can use any tarot (not oracle) deck you'd like. (Picture above is from the Light Seer's deck.) Whether you're using tarot for yourself or others, come join us for insight and understanding to make your readings more fulfilling.
For those who are new to trance channeling, Jamie will allow spirit guides to speak directly through her to you. Spirit guides, Maitland and Grace, will join us for a topic the Akashic Records. Spirit will deliver the message and then we will take questions from the participants. Live participants will be able to type their questions in the chat thread and we will do our best to answer as many questions as we can. We ask that each person ask only one question. We cannot guarantee your question will be answered and we will get through as many as possible in the time allotted. All virtual Channelings are recorded. You can purchase the recording at any time and watch as many times as you like! These messages from Spirit are timeless. We look forward to you joining us!
Jamie Butler
Spirituality > Other
Start: Aug 21, 2020 at 11:00 am EDT
Class #49 in a series of energy-centric classes with Jamie that you can take in any order! Receive the answers to these following questions and more: A. How do I connect to animals using emotional language? B. Is remote communication possible? C. How do I create boundaries for myself ? For the animal? D. Is there a difference when communicating with domesticate animals vs wildlife? E. What are some examples of questions I can ask? Participants will be able to interact and ask questions through typing on the live chat thread. All virtual LiL classes are recorded so no need to be disappointed if you missed class! You can purchase the recording at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you need!
Deepen your spiritual awareness by developing skills facilitating your transformation! Energy Healing, Ancestral Clearing, Past Lives. These are the Foundation protocols for mining the Records and enjoying the benefits of this work. Experience the aliveness that can come through you as a result of your relationship with the Records. Limited to only 16 participants, live attendance required for certification.
Knowing that the back side of the chakras carry great information, I'm putting this class on for those who know how to work with their subtle energy. We're going to tap into the back sides to feel into any past life energy. We'll look to see what's there, and how we can use that information for today. We may even find information we weren't looking for. It's all in our highest and greatest good.
Transform your relationship with wounding live experiences to experience the perfection of your Soul. Learn the spiritual practice of unconditional self-love, shift from resentment to acceptance, find freedom from limiting patterns. Activate your inner Ascension Matrix to rise above difficulties and enjoy the radiance of your soul. Our spiritual healing is accomplished through the Records. Learn to apply insights, guidance, and wisdom from the Records to your everyday life. Prerequisite: How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey by Linda Howe and Healing Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe. Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Certifications required. Topics Covered in this Class: Spiritual Healing - Perspectives and Possibilities - Stages required for permanent healing - Transform ordinary wounds into sacred opportunities Unconditional Self Love as Spiritual Practice Relationships with others - Path of Peace - Move from resentment to acceptance - Gain freedom from limiting patterns Activating your Ascension Matrix: Gratitude, Grace, and Generosity - Rise above victimization to empowerment and transcend the negative impact of human difficulties Note from Linda: This wonderful class will guide you through a journey of profound insights, practical guidance, and timeless wisdom, all designed to empower you to rise above and thrive as never before! When you earn this Certification, you will be a member of a community of Akashic Lightworkers who are igniting healing and transforming the world. Limited to only 16 participants; live attendance required for certification.
An interactive webinar series with practical tools and tips focused on personal growth, purpose development, the Akashic Records, neuroscience, quantum science, self and DNA healing. You will be able to: - Connect to your true self (soul blueprint) and purpose - Identify and address challenged aspects of you preventing you from living the life of your dreams - Live your happiest life and in relation to others: career, business, relationships, financial etc. Join us as we have fun and balance all 4 aspects of us: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual!
For Beginning and Advanced Students. Learn the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects of Western Astrology and how to interpret the spiritual implications of a Natal Astrology Chart. Professional Astrologer Mark Amaru Pinkham (40 years experience) will teach you how to: 1. Interpret a person's destiny and current life path. 2. Interpret a person's major lessons in life. 3. Interpret Past Life influences.
Jamie Butler
Spirituality > Other
Start: Oct 02, 2020 at 10:00 am EDT
Do you already know the basics? Get ready for Jamie's fun and informative intermediate mediumship class! Once the basics are in place this two-part class will start to get you into the world of spirit communication. She will share with you how Aromatherapy, Crystals, Sound, Movement and Color can enhance your health, balance your emotions, and strengthen your connection to the beyond. Gain more clarity on how you perceive different signs and messages. Discover the art of mono-tasking and caring less as this will help you communicate to spirit easier. Who can take the class? This class is designed for anyone of any age who already has a good understanding of the chakra system, energy, and who can clean their own energy as well as their private space, and go a bit deeper into receiving messages from the 'Home'. This four-hour class will be divided into two sessions of two hours each. The price includes both classes. Please note that Jamie will sign on to Learn it Live 30 minutes before the start of class and stay on 30 additional minutes after class ends to take class questions and chat with the group. After this class is live, it will be recorded and students will be able to watch as many times as they would like!
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