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Start your year with a new perspective on Inspired Manifesting. Be invigorated by spiritual insights from the Akashic Records to accelerate your journey. Experience, Express and Enjoy your soul's purposes. Learn the Top Ten Clues to Your Soul's Purposes. Seven Steps to Your Next Level of Success! Join us for a wonderful hour of Insight, Guidance and Wisdom for your Fulfillment!
NOTE- You must sign up for all classes in order to attend this series. Classes are $30 each for a total of $90 due upon registration. Intuition is a dynamic, powerful, highly valuable skill to develop. Spending a little time every day strengthening your powers of intuition can pay off exponentially over time — with your relationships, your health and well-being, your career success, your finances, and your overall happiness. During these three classes we will focus on different tools you can use to building your intuition, explain what intuition is and how it can help you in your day to day life, discover your own gifts, and learn different ways of connecting to spirit. Dates: 1/12, 1/19, 1/26 from 7pm-8:30pm PST Hosted By: Psychic Medium Barbi Dahl Barbi's soul purpose is to bridge the gap between the living and the deceased. She is able to communicate with souls on the "other side" using her clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing). The difference between someone who is an intuitive and someone who is a psychic medium is that mediums have the ability to raise their vibration to a level higher than the average person and high enough so that those who exist in spirit form can communicate with them. A medium is a psychic as well as a channel for communication from the spirit world. A psychic has the ability to give information about the past, present, and future, but do not directly communicate with passed over loved ones. They receive the information they are getting by using their clairs and guidance from Angels, Guides, and other forms from higher realms. Barbi has the ability to communicate through mediumship and her psychic clairs. She is also a channel for which Spirit uses her to directly communicate to the World. Barbi relays the messages she is given through one-on-one readings, via teaching classes to help others develop their own abilities, through personal coaching, and most recently via her podcast and blog sites. For more information on how you can work with Barbi to connect with your Universal needs, email her at [email protected]
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Craig Martin
Spirituality > Astrology
Recorded: Jan 19, 2021 at 09:45 pm EST
Join astrologer, Dr Craig Martin, as he looks at the overview of 2021's astrology energies. From the basics, including the influence on the 12 signs, to a more in depth look at important alignments of the year. This is a class where no previous knowledge of astrology is necessary and where you will leave understanding a bit about how the solar system effects your days and your year.
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Reiki is the energy healing modality that translates to "Universal Life Force Energy". We can utilize this energy and other celestial powers to restore balance and elevate our mental, emotional, and physical health. Join us for an introduction and meditation with Reiki.
Jenny Evans
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Jan 19, 2021 at 03:30 pm EST
In this class you are opening to the Golden Ray of love consciousness to assist you living from a higher dimensional space of love. This will assist you in stepping out of struggle, pain, fear and lack. In this class you will invite forward your higher self to open and activate your Golden DNA and your creational blueprint. This will assist you in stepping out of any generational karma, patterns and contracts and align you with your own soul's purpose, energies. By doing this you will be free to live your own dharmic path with all you came here to do, be and have. You will learn experience the ascension seat in the Great Central Sun. Time will be given to connect to the Golden 12th ray of love and channel it's healing energies. You will open and activate your higher or sacred heart space. You will explore and have access to your Akashic records. You will learn symbols to assist you in this golden transformation. Each person will receive a Golden Reiki Ray attunement. Typically after an attunement there is a 21 day period of integration as the attunement comes in and clears away old ego constructs and begins to reprogram your DNA. Golden Ray Reiki Class #1 is given over two sessions. January 12, 2021 and January 19th. Golden Ray Reiki class #2 will be offered February 9 and 16, 2021.
Join me for a Q&A gathering of willful, spirited, like-minded people who have been seeking ways to feel more uplifted! Discussion will include: • What is "morphing?" • Where did it come from? • What are the stages of morphing, and what does it involve? • Short practice • Time for Q&A Once I get some feedback about who would like to move forward, I will put together a beginner, four week online course through Learn It Live!
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Twelve Way to Charge your Spirit in 2021. Release, Recharge and Realize. Planning your Spiritual Focus for the new year ahead.
This is an Almost Free Class When this class is facilitated the Grand Convergence will have been put into play. This is the time for the teachers to gather. You will be welcomed to gather online with your rattles and drums etc. for the calling spirit in. Then a quiet meditation. A talk will proceed that will be relevant to the group, with an open question posed for group discussion from your life experiences, a form of storytelling. The closing will be a prayer of thanks.
The World You Want Manifesting According to Your True Nature What if how you are seeing the world is missing a key ingredient? What if the circumstances of your life are more about how you think than what is happening around you? What if you could find a way to heal those perceptions and manifest from the most powerful parts of yourself? Learn to harness the power of your energetic systems in order to manifest and be masterful in your manifesting space. In this workshop, begin to tap into the world of thoughtful manifestation. Learn what could really be holding you back from what you want. Leanne Holitza, psychic intuitive, will teach you what it means to be in contact with the subtle energies fields and how your manifesting engine really works. She will guide you through simple steps on connecting with parts of yourself that are holding you back and introduce you to the world of conscious creation.
Elissa Heyman
Recorded: Jan 14, 2021 at 09:00 pm EST
The class begins with a few minutes of relaxation and inspiration, a Soothing Story that’s an enlightening parable about navigating 2021. Spiritual messages the class attracted (gathered before class) will be offered to the group. We'll discuss 2021 psychic predictions and how to work with its forces, and work with yourself, when it comes to reaching your goals. Then, a psychic message circle for you to ask questions and get a psychic answer - you can ask verbally or in the public chat, any question on your mind about achieving your goals in the year ahead. Now it’s your turn! I’ll lead a guided meditation to help you tune in to the messages your intuition wants to give you. An exercise for you to do between sessions that demonstrates the metaphysical principle: Ask and Ye Shall Receive.
In the group energy balancing sessions, you will receive energy sitting comfortably through a guided healing meditation in a group format. I will guide you through visualization and bring in a flow of energy to facilitate the intended balancing. We will document what you notice and then balance out your space. If you are not a good visualizer, that is okay, it will work anyway. Working in group consciousness is a very powerful way to shift your energy. These sessions will be initiating you into your wholeness. Topics of healing will vary by week.
We are going to clear and uplift your energy for the NEW Year and bring in more Light to strengthen and uplift your energy field all with the help of your Angel Team. Please always have water on hand. Be in a space where you can relax and have complete focus in the present moment. You may want to have pen and paper handy to record thoughts or experiences. Remember this is your time, Your time to connect with your Higher Self, Your Angel Team, and the Angelic Realm.
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