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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I have been a WOC nurse since 1980 and Director of the Emory University WOC Nursing Education Center since 1984. I have published a number of publications and presentations in the area of WOC nursing and used to be the President of the WOCN Society.

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1 Hour of WOCN Training   ($500)

For an individual, group, or hospital, join renowned WOCN trainer Dorothy Doughty. She will customize a WOCN training program based on your specific needs.

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This class goes into a variety of essential techniques for WOC nurses to understand. The sessions include: - The trough procedure for fistula management - Demonstration of an ABI (ankle brachial index) - History assessment of a lower extremity ulcer - Making a pouch out of a plastic bag - 2 layer compression wrapping - Pouching a leaking g-tube - Sensor motor assessment - Stoma site marking
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Dorothy Doughty
Health & Wellness > Nursing
Recorded: May 04, 2011 at 12:48 pm EST
The Skin, Wound, and Continence Champions class is a two day workshop that goes into detail on the current best practices at Emory hospital.
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