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Sue has over 20 years of business experience in Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Sales, Marketing, Quality, Internal Communications and Global Human Resource Management - latterly at the SVP level. Her impressive track record in developing talented employees in successful multinational companies has primarily been in the Consumer Product, Retail, Life Sciences, Hospitality and High Technology sectors. Partnering with The NeuroLeadership Group, PotentiaLabs, Talentsmart and Synergy, she is using the latest in neuroscience research to understand and apply new thinking to how we learn, think, work and grow.
Laughter with purpose. Mirth with a message. Humor that heals. Keynotes that enlighten, educate and entertain. All from a speaker who is not only funny, but who is a neurohumorist - one who researches the neurobiology of humor, and then translates these cutting-edge findings for the layperson, showing how they can harness applied humor to heal and empower themselves. Key messages include: "Humor is power," and "It is more important to see funny, than to be funny." From addressing 5,000 members of the Million Dollar Roundtable in Thailand, to rocking 8500 nurses for the Association of perioperative Nurses in Chicago, to presenting her Humor Studies in Paris - Karyn's mission is to empower people and improve global health through humor. She has authored 6 books, she is published in peer-reviewed journals, and she is an inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame.