How It Works

Learn It Live is a one-stop-shop for all your program's needs: Classes, certification courses, one-on-one sessions, and more.

interactive sessions

Interactive Virtual Classroom

  •   Advanced Live Experience to Put Your Live Sessions at the Top of the Class
  •   Features include: multi-person HD video streaming, audio, in-class video sharing, interactive presentation area, chat, polls, breakout rooms, and more.
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All Your Instructors Can Lead Programs

  •   List your instructor group and empower them to create content or choose to manage it for them.
  •   Provide instructors affiliate links to track who brings paying members to your site and reward them for it!
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Whitelabeled for Your Organization and Integrated into Your Site

  •   Your own customized virtual learning platform designed to represent your company and brand.
  •   Put your studio at your own domain or even use our API to fully integrate into your existing website.
interactive sessions

Recording & Archival

  •   No need to manage recordings or links.
  •   Sessions are recorded and automatically archived on your studio.
  •   The more classes you record the more robust your membership becomes!
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Marketing Support

  •   Word-of-mouth works! Use your integrated studio affiliate program for viral marketing.
  •   We promote your programs to our existing marketplaces and partners.
  •   Leverage our community and 10+ years experience to grow your virtual business.
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Collect Memberships and Sell A La Carte Programs

  •   Generate recurring revenue from students around the globe for access to your programming.
  •   Charge a la carte for individual programs.
  •   We make it easy to set up, collect, and account for members and revenue at your studio.

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Featured Case Studies

Learn It Live provides organizations a simple and cost-effective way to manage virtual programs.
We provide everything: the content, technology, support, billing, and more.

Allina Health Virtual Wellness Center

Allina Health, with 29k+ employees and three-million+ patient visits annually, utilizes Learn It Live to connect its network of wellness experts to a vast community. From fitness & yoga to meditation & tobacco cessation, Learn It Live provides Allina a way to connect with their community, track engagement, and generate additional revenue.

Allina Health Live Learning

Center for Love and Light

The Center for Love and Light's 20+ instructors run 100s of programs on spirituality, yoga, reiki, and more as a part of their virtual studio membership. They also lead certification courses and workshops at a separate cost, fully leveraging their studio's capabilities.

The Center for Love and Light
The Wellness Universe

The Wellness Universe

The Wellness Universe's 100s of experts sell their live and on-demand classes and reach a global audience.


Linda Howe's Online Center for Akashic Studies

The world renowned expert on Akashic studies, Linda Howe, along with her certified instructors, lead a variety of spirituality and certification courses via their virtual studio.

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Who is Using Learn It Live?

Health Systems, Yoga Studios, and Wellness Programs Choose LiL

Allina Health
The Center for Love and Light
Centers for Disease Control CDC
Independent Group Home Living Program
American Heart Association
The Wellness Universe
Palumbo University
CSP Worldwide
Pilates Studio
Recorded Books