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Pamela's Health Coaching practice is all about empowering women and men to take care of themselves regardless of what life throws at them.

About Pamela:

Pamela Biasca Losada MS (Psychology) is a Certified Integrative Health and Emotional Empowerment Coach. She specializes in defining what's holding her clients back from having the fitness they desire, beating the path of resistance long-term, taking control of their health and life, developing and tracking their individual-tailored wellness goals so they don't keep failing.

She teaches her clients also how negative emotions are present to ...See All


Master Degree in Science (Psychology)
Elementary School Teacher's Certificate for Pedagogical Support
Certified Health Coach, Accredited by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners-Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach Level I and II-International Institute for Emotional Empowerment

Experience and Distinctions

Pamela is also a co-author in the Book EMPOWER: Women's Stories of Breakthrough, Discovery and Triumph which has been released in April 2013 (Available on Amazon, ISBN-10: 1483924408/ ISBN-13: 978-1483924403)

Fluent in 4 languages (English, Italian, German, Spanish) and very good knowledge in French

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About Pamela Biasca Losada Health & Emotional Empowerment Coach
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Start saying no. Stop feeling frazzled. Live your healthiest life. Implementing healthy boundaries is as essential to your well-being as the food you eat. In this class, you will explore 5 essential tools for setting healthy boundaries -- boundaries that are essential to creating a better life than you ever imagined. You will learn how to: - Create healthy boundaries and great quality, fulfilled life with improved relationships - Regain confidence and self-esteem, making showing up easier - Overcome self-sabotage and experience more freedom - Live a healthier and more joy-filled life without feeling guilty or worried about letting others down
Hi, I'm Pamela. I created this webinar because I want to give you simple, powerful and effective tools for eliminating overwhelm in your life. Here is what you'll learn: How to avoid and eliminate emotional overwhelm, burnout, anxiety and chronic stress, so you can relax and feel at ease more. How to create healthy boundaries for yourself, so you can feel fulfilled, have more joy and passion in your relationships. How to regain confidence, self-love and self-esteem so you will be showing up for yourself, be ready for challenges and feel amazing. Why getting in touch with your negative feelings in the right way makes all the difference. How to live a healthier and more joy-filled life according to your needs without feeling guilty, or worried you are letting someone down.
Have you found yourself in a pattern of using food for comfort, stress relief, or as a way to reward yourself? Know that you are not alone and that you can learn how to empower yourself and cope. Emotional eating can lead a difficult cycle of stress, weight gain, and poor health. Fortunately, Health and Emotional Empowerment Coach, Pamela Biasca Losada is here to help with supportive and mindful ways to cope without using food. During this class, you will learn if you are an emotional eater, what causes emotional eating, as well as ways to slow down, acknowledge your emotions, and strengthen your connection with yourself.
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