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Jesse An Nichols George is a Coding Interpreter who has authored 6 books on her own and is a collaborator on the International multiple times Best Seller in multiple categories �Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman�s Gateway To Power, Passion, and Purpose�. Her work is founded in the principles of Compassion and how to use it to bring joy to all areas of life; so that you can live your passion and manifest a life filled with joy and fulfillment. Her work also encompasses the divine flow and interaction of the masculine and feminine principals in life and relationships. ...See All

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Your Personal Year In Codes   ($333)

This option is great for those that want a little more personalized look at how their codes are flowing during a particular time. With this option I can work either through your personal year; which is to look at the time period from your birthday to your next birthday, or at a regular Gregorian Calendar period. I go month by month sharing with you insights as to how your energy is flowing over a 12 month period. Learn more about this service and read testimonials at

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This is a study session for those that are working with The Code Journey by either book, through my social media posts, and through the Personal Year In Codes report. It is an opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about how to work with the current codes in order to create a stronger awareness in the human consciousness of how to work in alignment with the soul self.
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This is a time where we will be reflecting on what has happened over the last month. We will be looking at what has shifted, the blessings, the challenges, and preparing ourselves for the next Moon Cycle. We will look at making adjustments for things, so that we can move forward with full acknowledgement of what has happened. This teaches us how to open more fully and make room for what is next in our lives. We will incorporate meditation/visualization and/or energy work. *** Note this course is free due to an issue recording during the meditation part. The meditation is only partly there. When doing the meditation focus on releasing everything that you no longer want as a gift to the universe so that it can help others. Take time to refresh with water, be it a waterfall, ocean, or dancing in the rain; enjoy it as it refreshes and renews your energy. Tune into being an open vessel and feeling divine energy moving through you without holding onto it or containing it.
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New Moon Honoring - is a time of working with the New Moon energy. Each session is catered a little to the month this is being done, season, and current influences. There is usually meditation, visualization, or other similar techniques used to honor the energy and keep us in flow with universal harmony and shifts. The more in flow we are with Nature's cycles, the more in flow our own life becomes.
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